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The Oasis course seeks

To help the Christian understand WHO Muslims are and WHAT they believe. It is impossible to effectively reach a people you do not know or understand.

To provide clear strategies of HOW to communicate Christ to Muslims. The course provides diverse strategies on how to respond to common issues they raise and it gives the individual Christian & the Church Community, general procedural guidelines on how to reach a Muslim for Christ and how to birth a Church amongst them.


The Oasis Course trains  Christians on how to reach out to Muslims around them. Considering there are over 2 billion Muslims. This need cannot be over stressed.


The Oasis course along with its participants engages Muslims around them with the Gospel showing that it is indeed possible to love them while watching as God converts.


The Oasis Course equips Christians with tools to reach Muslims in form of Bibles, translated materials, videos and more. This way there are resources to share.

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